Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

This image is a low scanned representation of the original. Each print purchased from Dennis McGeary exceeds this example in detail, color and size.
Copyright (c) 2000 - 04  Dennis McGeary

Commissioned painting. Private collection. Maryland USA.

My description of the painting Proverbs13:12

While I was painting- the idea of deferred hope as a desert or barren land
{represented on the entire left area of the painting} started to appear.
A place of desolation, isolation and despair.
Notice that your eye is visually pulled away from the left side and
moves you across and up the right side of the picture.
When one has no hope or faith it is almost a downward spiral {near the
center of canvas}.
A band of color changes from red eventually to white{representing the
transition of deferred hope to that of a hopeful enlightenment. This light
{white} leads you up the steps {brown lines that look like boards} to the
cross{representing the Tree of Life, and Jesus.}
The right{about half the canvas} is the color symbolism of water, earth
{foliage} and inspiration. The land of hope. The sun is in the distance - is
it rising or setting? On the left side of the picture, it looks as if it has
set{dark colors} Hope deferred. On the right, it seems to be rising and
illuminating- Desire cometh.
Above, the large white space is like a triangle or rectangle representing
God's powerful presence.