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"The beauty of Hawaii influences my art. The favorable climate, dramatic lighting, and the ocean are constant sources of inspiration. I create paintings that are visually active with atmosphere, movement and reverence to our spiritual and earthly world".

Dennis McGeary has always had a passion for making art. Since childhood, art and music have been a way of life. As a young teen he began creating images on canvas that he still explores today. Education and experience have contributed to his skill as a painter. The artist has resided in Hawaii since 1984 and works at his central Oahu painting studio. Dennis McGeary maintains that his work is for the enjoyment of others, proof of this exists in the numerous collections of his work. Patrons from all over the United States and internationally cherish the work of this prolific painter.

High School, Pennsylvania
US Navy / MMS School, San Diego, California
Olympic College, Washington
Gloucester College, New Jersey
Leeward College, Hawaii
Associate degree in Arts / Liberal Arts in Fine Arts
Associate degree in Science in Graphic Arts
University of Hawaii Alumni

Art History enthusiast

Selected Exhibitions: Abstract Paintings

Artists of Hawaii Exhibition - Academy of Arts. Juror: Ned Rifkin, Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Wash, D.C.

National Veterns Art Competion / Regional / March - June 2016 1st Place Award for "Tropical Splash"
The Sacred Art Festival Exhibition, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Majority Rules, a two-part exhibition Free Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.
Centering: Ancient and Contemporary Expressions of Sacred Art , Sonoma Museum of Visual Art, Santa Rosa, California.
The Art Project; Online Exhibit. New York, New York. 2001-10. National and international Artists. 
Reverence: Existence Within the Spiritual and Earthly World. Gallery on the Pali. Honolulu, Hawaii

Artist of Hawaii Exhibition / Voyager

A reflection of being a musician and songwriter there is a sense of rhythm in my visual creations. My painting performances at Art Festvals are exhilirating and fun. Entertaining the public by either painting solo or rockin' with a band I'm delighted to share these talents with others.

Achievements: Inspirational and Contemporary Abstract Paintings
First Place Painting in the National Veterns Creative Art Competition, Hawaii. "Ships of Contrast" 30" x 40" acrylic and acrylic enamel on canvas
The Melusine Award for Painting.
The Honolulu Museum of Art: Artists of Hawaii 50th Exhibition 2000.
"Levels of Life" acrylic and acrylic enamel on canvas, 66" by 72" inches. Purchased /purchased for museum collection.
The Jean Charlot Foundation Award of Excellence for Painting
The Honolulu Academy of the Arts Artists of Hawaii Exhibition 1995. Exhibition Purchase by Grosseto Collection.
"Technical Deluge" 48" x 62" acrylic and acrylic enamel on canvas
The Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Acquisition Award Collection
The Association of Hawaii Artist. AMFAC Exhibition Room.
"My Brother's Passing" acrylic and acrylic enamel on wood. HSFCA exhibition purchase for Art in Public Places Hawaii

First Place, Two dimensional: "New Directions Exhibition"
"Land of Plenty" acrylic on canvas. Pauahi Tower Mezzanine Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii. Exhibition Purchase plus gift award
Juror; Duane Preble-Educator, artist and author of Art Forms

Certificate of Appreciation: The City and County of Honolulu, City Hall (Mayors Office Honolulu Hale) Aloha Festivals Art Exhibit. In conjunction with the annual Aloha week festivities. "Origin" 57" x 63" acrylic on canvas. Also accepted for the Contemporary Expressions of Sacred Art , Sonoma Museum of Visual Art, Santa Rosa, California.
National 9/11 Memorial Museum, New York, NY
"Heart of America" Painting by D.McGeary was accepted in the National 9/11 Memorial Museum Slide Registry, January 2010. The painting was created over a span of three day's (9/12-13-14 2001)
"Requiem for Peace" Sculpture won the white ribbon for assembledge art in the National Veterns Creative Art Competition, Hawaii. Constructed with cement, bullets, brass weight, lawn mower tire, PVC pipe, wire and enamel paint.
The Queen Liliuokalni Trust Collection 2009 Acquisition: LILIUOKALANI CHURCH, HALEIWA, HAWAII. Oil painting by   McGeary created in 1988:

(Queen Lili‘uokalani1838 - 1917) was the last monarch of the Hawaiian Islands. She reigned from 1891 to 1893. On December 2, 1909, Queen Lili‘uokalani executed a Deed of Trust, which established the legal and financial foundation of an institution dedicated to the welfare of orphan children. She amended her Deed of Trust in 1911 to include destitute children. It states, “all the property of the Trust Estate, both principal and income…shall be used by the Trustees for the benefit of orphan and other destitute children in the Hawaiian Islands, the preference given to Hawaiian children of pure or part-aboriginal blood.”

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